BaggE is an upcoming Neo-Soul artist from North London. Her music features a soothing, raspy voice, with soulful undertones. Her uplifting music stems from messages of self-love. She is truly an artist to watch!

We sat down with BaggE for a catch-up and to discuss her music:

Joelle: Hey BaggE how’ve you been? What you’ve been up to?

BaggE: I’ve have been good. Um, what is there to be up to really? I’ve been watching a lot of RuPaul’s drag race. It’s so good. The British one.

J: Yeah. And I think UK one bangs, I have to say, I feel like they’re just much more Savage. Who’s your favourite?

B: I think tasty and A’Whora. I love A’Whora.

J: So, have you managed to stay creative in this lockdown?

B: I don’t know. I think, cause it’s just like no end in sight it was hard, but now that we can see and end it’s been pushing me a bit more. But it’s been hard, nothing to give you that push really.

J: Absolutely, lockdown brings a lot of pressure to be doing things. Let’s get stuck in then – So tell everyone a bit about yourself!

J: Whats 3 words to describe your music?

B: Hmm. I don’t know. I feel like it’s changed at the moment. I feel like back back in like my first ever EP ‘Preserving the Prior’, I felt like that was very chilled out and slow. Whereas ‘What About Summer’ my latest EP is a bit more dancy. And then the tracks I’m doing right now with Barney Dwyer, is more dancy. And I feel like I’m seeing the sun and I’m getting a bit more excited. So my music I would say is, is dancy a word?

J: Yeah. You can make it a word.

B: Well then – dancy, easy and sunny.

J: I like that. Do you know, reinvent, reinvent the dictionary? I feel like it does describe music quite well. And I feel like also you’re right. It doesn’t have to be like static, three words because everyones music evolves And I feel like I shouldn’t feel the need to talk to like stick to one sort of category. So who would you say inspires you?

B: Oh, so many. I know this is going to sound really weird, but I inspire myself a lot. like, I feel like when I do write, it’s a lot about my, the circumstances I’m in at that exact time. Listening to my past music and looking at where I am now and how much things have changed around me, inspires me a lot and inspires me to sort of change, and experiment with my sound to see how that, that fits in with BaggE. Also, you got like the greats, like Jill Scott and Erica Badu, and Ella Fitzgerald. And when Charlotte’s Dos Santos, she’s so sick and not a lot of people know about her, but she’s super sick.

J: So would you say BaggE as an artist is constantly evolving?

B: Yeah. I mean, I feel like every artist is still evolving. I don’t know. Like even let’s say like Beyonce, even she’s making ‘The Carters’, they’re like reinventing their sound and stuff like that. So I feel like I’ll always be evolving, but I feel like I always do have my sound. I’ll always go back to the way I write. And I do have a sort of standard with who I work with and the producers that I work with.

J: Right. Do you set time aside for writing or do you sort of do it on the go? Like while you’re on the move on the bus?

B: No, not really. Like, um, I find it really cool when people say that they sit on a train and they start just writing lyrics and I’m like, I just, I don’t know what it is. I feel like anyone that knows me kinda knows, my mind goes a hundred miles a minute hahaha.

I can’t imagine myself sitting on a train and writing lyrics, I’ll get distracted by everything. So I kind of just like sit down, I have like a little set up in the other room and I kind of listen, I get sent some beats.

So I go through beats and I pick ones I like and start writing to it, or I find beats of YouTube. Write. It, and then find a producer to remake the beat behind it. But I need to like set, set time aside to do music. Like I feel like I can’t just do it on the go really.

J: Fair enough. I guess some people just have to be in the zone and sometimes it comes out that way. I feel like that’s like me, I’m not, I’m not an artist. I don’t make music, but if I have to do something, it has to be like dedicated time to do it. I can’t just like, I’m like you though, my brain is always just moving in every direction…

J: What message do you want to give out through your music?

B: I think, self-love, I feel like a lot of my writing, is about getting out of situations that you’re not comfortable in that you’re not being inspired by and being around people that aren’t good for you. And feel like what I’ve learned within the past two years is you gotta work on yourself before you try and work on anyone else.

So I suppose just self-love and self-acceptance and learning how to deal with your emotions. If someone was listening to my music, I’d want them to work out their emotions and sort of have my music help them, which I feel like music should do. Should provoke feelings that make you understand what’s going on in yourself. Cause it can sometimes be odd.

J: Yeah, I hear that. I really like that as a message for your music, because it’s definitely how I feel when listening to it. Your ‘Stalker’, what was the message behind that? Did you actually have a real stalker?

B: So my whole thing with this is I’m not going to talk about what ‘Stalker’ is about. I wanted people, make up their own narrative about it. So (laughs) it’s about you want it to be about. I feel that everyone could take it in different ways. It could be literal. It could be what’s the opposite of literal non-literal yeah.

J: Is the music video out yet?

B: No, not yet. We’ve penciled in the 12th March.

J: Nice! looking forward to seeing it! Are you working on anything else at the moment?

B: I have some music’s in the works with Barney Dyer who did ‘Can’t keep fighting you’. We’ve got like a summer track coming out. I got another song coming out with Ty green and I got a song with Chuck Enzo and RADA that we’re working on. So I got like three releases this year, not including a music video.

J: Nice so you’ve got a busy summer. What is your favourite song at the moment for this summer?

B: So basically, so I’ve been walking and when I walk, I’ve got to listen to something that’s quick, so I can walk quick or I’ll dilly dally and I’ll walk really slow. So I’ve recently liked the song ‘Up’ by Cardi B, but then I heard all this controversy about her stealing the song. And then I searched up the song that she apparently stole, which is ‘Stuck’ by Mir Pesos and Mir Fontane. And it’s literally exactly the same. ANYWAY, I’ve been listening to ‘Stuck’ now. (Laughs).

J: Wow I didn’t know that. I agree with you on the music whilst walking thing. Sometimes like sometimes I put on really intense music so I can get where I need to be. So lastly, Aside from music, what is one thing you love during your spare time?

B: Cooking! I looove cooking.

J: Aren’t you vegan?

B: No, I’m veggie I love cheese too much. I don’t think I could be vegan.

J: Yeah. It’s a, it’s a hard life. I’m lactose intolerant and I just don’t stick to it (laughs) because cheese makes me happy.

B: Oh, that’s so sad!

J: So, how does your style define you as an artist?

B: Growing up, I was really inspired by my brother. Cause my brother’s older than me and he dresses like a skater boy. And I was like, Oh, he dresses cool. So I suppose I got my started off my core style from him. And then, and then I it just branched off and then I looked at like FKA, twigs. I love her.

Yeah, I suppose it does link to me as an artist because, this sounds really shallow, but when you go and watch someone live, you want to see a cool costume. You don’t want to see them in like a plain white t-shirt and some skinny jeans, bit boring.

Also I got my name BaggE from wearing baggy clothes and people used to always ask why aren’t you where tight-fitting clothes and show off your body. Because it’s uncomfortable! I want to be comfortable in my baggy clothes. So yeah it does intertwine with my music. It’s funny a lot of people call me loads of things like, I had to put on my Instagram how to say it because people call me bag, Baschet, Baggé So had to add the capital ‘E’ to help people out.

J: Aw well it’s been lovely chatting with you BaggE, I’m looking forward to watching the ‘Stalker video when it’s out! thanks for chatting with me.

B: Thank you! You’re welcome. It was really fun.

BaggE’s latest music video ‘Stalker’ will be out on the 12th March, follow her Instagram, or Twitter to stay posted.