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SUMweekly is a platform aimed at amplifying the voices of creatives and academics alike   ·   Email us at to get involved   ·   Follow us on our socials   ·  
  • TY

    Our next guest for the SUMsessions series is TY, curating a smooth set of chilled Afrobeats from across the continent. Full set is out now on our website and YouTube, make sure to subscribe for further releases.

  • African Support for Palestine is More Important Than Ever

    African Support for Palestine is More Important Than Ever

    “We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.” As coups, wars, displacement, genocide and mass exploitation continue to happen across the continent, and as the world continues not to bring voice to these, it’s not difficult to see why there may be resentment from Africans in the face…

  • Hillarynx

    Tone and voice as rich as her skin, Hillarynx is a 20-something, contralto singer-songwriter from South West London. Hillarynx’s started singing in school plays and Gospel Choirs as creative and restorative outlet. Intrigued by the social-political relationships, Hillarynx create dynamics and playful storytelling songs connecting with the deepest part of your soul. Vocals – HillarynxKeys…

  • Y3kMish

    Next on our DJ Sessions is the talented Y3kMish @y3kmish; a DJ, Manager and all-round creative – Taking us on a journey through her favourite house, soul, R&B, Hip-hop tracks and more… Subscribe to us on Youtube! SUMsessionsTeam Creative Director + Producer – @unclechulu DOP – @lucacruzcahnRecording Sound Engineer and AP – @backstrapbeatsLive Sound Engineer…

  • Meet the Creators

    Announcing the SUMmarket! After years of working with creatives through events, exhibitions, workshops and more, we’re now launching a new online marketplace!  Our aim as a collective has always been to promote the voices of artists and academics alike, but with the cost-of-living crisis, inflation and cuts to the arts it is harder than ever to be a…

  • Tlowe

    London-based Musician and Battle rapper Tlowe joins us for a late-summer session, running through four of his greatest hits. Make sure to check his epic battles under his moniker ‘Black T’ and keep your eyes peeled for a special appearance in one of our upcoming sessions… Subscribe to us on Youtube! SUMsessionsTeam Creative Director +…

  • Kome Eleyae (DJ)

    King of the multi-hyphenates, Kome is an artist, multi-instrumentalist and DJ based in South London. With influences stretching from funk, soul and jazz, to grime, garage and everything in between, Kome explores and celebrates the connections of music from across the diaspora in his mixes. To hear more check out his monthly show ‘Snax 4…

  • Returning the stolen Benin Bronzes back to Nigeria

    Returning the stolen Benin Bronzes back to Nigeria

    “From an initial glance at the preliminary design concept, one might believe this is a traditional museum but, really, what we are proposing is an undoing of the objectification that has happened in the West through full reconstruction” – David Adjaye Come 2026, many of the Benin Bronzes will finally return home to Edo State,…

  • Elsa – Fall

    South London Songstress Elsa is a fresh new talent making waves in London’s alternative soul scene. Her poetic lyricism, sultry vocals, and charismatic live performances have earned her a growing fan base as she effortlessly weaves together an array of sounds under her unmistakable, gritty tone to create lush soundscapes with intricate details and mighty…

  • Solving The Agricultural Waste Of The Jamaican Hemp Industry

    Solving The Agricultural Waste Of The Jamaican Hemp Industry

    My name is Skylar Hamilton. I’m a Jamaican creative practitioner with an interest in social change and empathetic design. I’ve always been a material-driven designer – even as a teenager, using Jamaican wicker to make a hand-woven bra and corset. I often use waste as my material of choice, encouraging others to innovate with what…

  • Holden

    Next up for our SUMsessions is Holden; An artist born in Cheshire, now based in London, seamlessly blends spoken word, hip-hop, and folk to create captivating narratives. Debuting with “My Friend,” their music defies genres, weaving urban lyricism with rustic melodies. This artist’s unique fusion promises an exciting exploration of sound and storytelling. For the…

  • Backstrap

    The all-conquering Backstrap (Uncle Strap, Unkle Bizzy, Unc Strapophesia, Unkwardian Backstrapiosous) is our first DJ set of this seasons Sessions! Born and raised in the fiery pits of Lewisham, Backstrap is SE-Londons resident hitmaker and DJ, known to melt up to 4 Pioneer CDJs per night. Make sure to follow his socials to catch his…

  • Sanlé Sory

    Sanlé Sory

    Born in the Eersterust, Pretoria in 1940, photographer Ernest Cole gave the world an unprecedented look into the brutal reality of apartheid South Africa. Considered one of the greatest documentary photographers of his time, Cole captured the rarely seen truth of Black existence under the apartheid regime. His reportage would see him banned and exiled…

  • Ernest Cole

    Ernest Cole

    Born in the Eersterust, Pretoria in 1940, photographer Ernest Cole gave the world an unprecedented look into the brutal reality of apartheid South Africa. Considered one of the greatest documentary photographers of his time, Cole captured the rarely seen truth of Black existence under the apartheid regime. His reportage would see him banned and exiled…

  • Sum Science: James Webb Telescope

    Sum Science: James Webb Telescope

    Bae wake up, the new James Webb Telescope images have dropped… Costing over £6bn and taking more than 30 years to design and build, the James Webb space telescope is able to take pictures with a quality slightly better than your Iphone 14 pro max. After years of delays and near-cancellations the telescope was launched…

  • Yaz

    Next up for SUMsessions, we’ve got the graceful YAZ, a captivating singer based in South-East London. French born, Palestinian raised, she grew up listening to traditional Arabic and soul-stirring music, often blending both genres in her song choices and lyrics, drawing inspiration from artists such as Fairouz, Yebba, and icons of Chansons Francaises. For the…

  • Prple

    We’re proud to present our first SUMsession with London-based Soul Singer Prple. Hailing from Greenwich, SE London, Prple uses music to evoke relative thought and emotion, as her vocals glide on soulful instrumental productions.

  • Sapeurs


    An abbreviation which translates to ‘Society of Ambience-Makers and Elegant People’ La Sape is a subculture originating from Kinshasa (DRC) and Brazzaville (Republic of Congo). It’s followers or ‘Sapeurs’ are known for flamboyant clothing and ornamental accessories in a manner similar to their colonial predecessors the ‘dandies’. Once ostracised and campaigned against in the 80s,…

  • Ode to the Tignon

    Ode to the Tignon

    With Met Gala week coming to an end, following a theme of Gilded Age, it was only right that my favourite look of the night. Actor, singer and creator Cynthia Erivo came in an all-white, elegant fit by Louis Vuitton, but many were conflicted as to its meaning and whether it was considered ‘on –…

  • Jules Bleckman

    Jules Bleckman

    Jules’ work has recently consisted of making cartoonish figurative sculptures and prints and rendering them into digital media. He’s been intrigued by what happens to the sculptures when their physicality is lost, essentially what makes them sculptures; losing their essence; the figures feel like they have accidentally walked into a new space where they are…

  • 948


    948 is a creative collective operating at the intersection of culture and creativity, in the 75 years since contemporary Britain “wElcOMed” a wave of migrants. They’re exploring how the changing British landscape has affected cultural and creative expression today whilst paying homage to the past, being grounded in the present and building for the future….

  • kxmolo


    Kemi Oloyede (kxmolo) is an interdisciplinary scientist and artist (they/them). They are based in London and are of British-Nigerian descent. Their illustration style can be likened to dynamic comic and manga illustrations, drawing from influences in Black queer culture, Afrofuturism, science fiction, 90s Nollywood references and 90s/2000s anime. Check out the Kemi’s interview with SUM’s…

  • Eva Yates

    Eva Yates

    Eva Yates is a surrealist painter who mainly works with oils on canvas she is motivated to communicate ideas and feelings informed by the mental health epidemic, by introspection and dwelling on the existential. She explores the subconscious, death, life, sleep and stress, loneliness and companionship. Through her oil paintings and printed scarves, she archives…

  • NJ Cre@tes

    NJ Cre@tes

    NJ Omorogieva is a Nigerian-American artist, scholar, facilitator, and cultural producer from Los Angeles, California. Her practice uses art and social sciences to spark conversation and action around issues of identity, culture, gender and sexuality.  Using paint and prose, she uncovers themes found in the collective experience of Black womanhood while reflecting on her own…

  • For Ra

    For Ra

    The ‘For Ra’ brand started when its founder Meryem  couldn’t find accessible jewellery that didn’t change colour after use, they then began making items for their friends that focused on gemstone jewellery that was durable and didn’t fade.  With time she then developed her crochet skills and started making one-of-a-kind custom clothing as well as…

  • Sarabi


    Sarabi is a crochet clothing business bringing community and craft together. Her pieces explore everything from the slow fashion revolution to the socio-political challenges that the African diaspora face. She puts sustainability and wearable art at the forefront of each piece and teaches informative crochet workshops to put value back into work. Check out more of…

  • GUM London

    GUM London

    Founded by Ella Rush and Kiah Bibby, GUM London is a South London based jewellery brand which creates interactive pieces which change colour through heat. Being innovative and playful is at the core of what they do and their exploration of smart materials, packaged within classic yet playful communications, is what makes Gum, Gum. To…



    SANTE is an independent label specialising in handmade beaded accessories ethically produced by her family members Accra, Ghana. Continuing a tradition that reaches back into the 19th Century, Sante is constantly inspired by her Ghanian heritage.  By promoting her community and the skill and beauty of African craftsmanship, Sante wants to bring the talent of…

  • TERK


    T£rk is an upcycling brand based on using old clothing and revamping it into something new. T£rk stands for “To Every Reckless Kid”, so being reckless in your fashion choices, wearing colours that don’t “match” or mix matching patterns while staying eco conscious. Everything is handmade and made with a little sauce. Check out our…

  • Kofi Perry

    Kofi Perry

    Kofi Perry is an American contemporary painter based in London. Using classical techniques to depict characters from a fictional Afrofuturist world of his own creation, Kofi’s artistic mission is to inspire black and brown youth with a fictional world that relieves them from the complex, exploitative, and dangerous future. You can see more of Kofi’s…

  • James Farrant

    James Farrant

    My design has evolved in tangent with my photographic and written work, providing me with a wealth of ideas and imagery to explore and develop. Through my work I have explore narratives built from ideas around futurism, starting with the idea that ‘”the future is now”. Utilising past ideas of what the future might be,…

  • Jojos Cuffs

    Jojos Cuffs

    Jojo’s Cuffs are jewelled nose cuffs hand-made by multi-disciplined creative and SUM co-founder Joelle. Spicing up everyday style effortlessly with silver and gold jewellery, Jojo’s handcrafted cuffs need no piercing and can be easily put on and removed.

  • All About Love Workshop

    All About Love Workshop

    Recap of the All About Love workshop and forum a couple weeks ago! After some commentary, critique, and conversation about bell hooks’ concepts of love, our attendees shared their thoughts on love: Love is… Our collective thoughts and definitions sparked inspiration for the creative session where attendees visualised their love notions with collage poem zines….

  • Cabelo Bedjo

    Cabelo Bedjo

    Conceptualised, directed and edited by Tatiana Mode, Cabelo Bedjo is an experimental film based on intimacy, self-acceptance, textured hair and the mimesis of communal safe spaces created by women of colour.⁠⁠Creative Direction + Editor – @tatianaamode⁠Producers – @joellerobinson @taimera.t_⁠Filming Assistace – @empty_martini @fioandfio

  • Permanent Temporary 22

    Re-capping last weeks madness! With over 100 artists, musicians, poets, designers and more jammed into one crazy weekend, we can’t thank everyone who is involved enough.

  • Sri Lanka Crisis

    Sri Lanka Crisis

    Sri Lanka is currently going through its worst economic crisis in recent history. Fuel, food and medicine shortages have been reality for residents for months. Many have blamed ex-President Gotabaya Rajapaksa due to corruption and mismanagement of the country. Though we are all witnessing videos of protesters storming the Presidential Palace as of July, this…

  • Schools Out

    Schools Out

    ‘School’s Out’ is inspired by teenage queer self-discovery and the search for community as a teenager in school.⁠Photographed and interviewed by @nessie.appleton at her old school, this series focuses on a group of current students, who generously shared their experiences of being queer in education, and the journey of finding themselves and their community.⁠⁠This photography series is…

  • Digital Diaspora

    Digital Diaspora

    @thelipstickpolitico are partnering up with @sumweekly and @alookinto_ to present Digital Diaspora. An immersive evening celebrating South Asian digital art in collaboration with @sohofriends. Featuring a discussion on NFTs bridging into the traditional art world. Followed by late sets and a digital exhibition, showcasing digital art by: @colorsofhoney, @architecturebyari, @rahul_v_mathew, @pinkoblue, @ayushkalra, @girthofvenus, @vabyvel, @muhammedsajid.n Panel Discussion with Josh Sandhu (Founder Co founder Quantus Gallery), Ava Halvai (Founder…

  • Live@Livesey

    To Welcome the start of summer we put on a one-day showcase of art and music at our home The Livesey Exchange. ⁠⁠Featuring work from a huge range of creatives including several up-and-coming musicians and real-time art from our exhibiting artists, we celebrated the diversity of London’s cultural scene!⁠

  • Spiking Safety with Mair Howells

    Spiking Safety with Mair Howells

    ‘I started I’ve Been Spiked a month after I got spiked, and two months before that my sister had her drink spiked too. You hear about spiking, but I didn’t actually know it happened, especially so close to home.

  • The Politics of Food with Christina Adane

    The Politics of Food with Christina Adane

    We sat down with activist @christina.adane to talk about an unaddressed disparity in that is directly tied into the marginalisation of millions, affecting quality of life, opportunities and even lifespan. Alongside a conversation about her approach to activism and the steps she takes to contribute to change, from community cooking lessons to collective action… @biteback2030@tribenamedathari

  • A Look Into SUM Women

    In honour of International Women’s Day, we are hosting an intimate event with @alookinto_ and @sohofriends, providing a space for women in the creative industry to connect. ⁠⁠This includes a panel discussion on paving your way within the creative industry. Our panelist @kes4ng @trustmebaba @jameelaelfaki have founded platforms and fostered local and global communities. In conversation with them we will explore their…

  • Hillary Juma

    Hillary Juma

    A South-Londener born and raised, Hillary started off in politics working as a parliamentary assistant to an MP. After learning how to code and helping out charities such as the Brixton Soup Kitchen, Hillary ventured into the world of technology and now works for the Mozilla Foundation; an organisation built on the belief that the…

  • Mitchell Bradshaw

    Mitchell Bradshaw

    From what started off as a twist on a monotonous school project, Mitchell Bradshaw Design has grown into a one man home production, all the while staying true to his roots in SE London.⁠ For his earliest project Mitchell came out with a collection of re-designed long rizlas, before dropping the ‘Never Pay’ project, which…

  • Orii


    ‘Its not all about the names, its about the work, the talent, the feeling… It’s always fun, new and innovative – It opens my mind and lets people understand the true essence of music, how it works and how it feels. Its natural, its pure.’ Every Monday evening a community of musicians get together to…

  • Sidney Poitier

    Sidney Poitier

    Beloved Bahamian-American actor and activist Sidney Poitier passed away on 6 January. He will be remembered as the first black movie star, an accomplished director, social activist, and an icon of cinema. Born in 1927 and growing up in the Bahamas, Poitier would begin acting in his twenties at the Harlem based Community Negro Theatre….

  • Post Imperial

    Post Imperial

    Founded by Nigerian-American designer Niyi Okuboyejo, Post-Imperial is a fusion of bright modernity and traditional techniques. “The Post-Imperial aesthetic is a colorful and vibrant ode to new forms of fashion. It carries a strong sense of optimism for the future,” combining traditional African artisanship with contemporary diasporic existence. Their latest collection, That Time I Wanted…

  • Watchful Force

    Watchful Force

    There are security checks in every metro station, utilising x-ray scanners and metal detectors. It’s easy to feel aware of the police presence in much of the city. At times it feels like a glimpse into an Orwellian high-tech future, with the overbearing lights illuminating one’s darkest dystopian fears. The feeling this presence creates is…

  • Bell Hooks

    Bell Hooks

    hooks is often and rightly lauded as a radical. One of her most radical and revolutionary positions was her view on the socially and politically transformative power of love. It’s through love that we can begin to disconnect ourselves from materialism and systems of domination.  From romantic love to self-love, hooks was fearless and prolific…

  • Nessie Appleton Smith

    Nessie Appleton Smith

    Nessie Appleton-Smith is a South London based creative who focuses on all things visual. After spending the last few years at university focusing on her videography, Nessie recently took a series of intimate portraits of the Okoli family…. I love personal portraits, up close, really detailed. I’m trying to capture a sense of the person,…

  • The Grove at Livesey

    Fresh from their world-wide tour with Mark Zuckerberg’s Smoked Meats, The Grove played an intimate gig at our HQ at the Livesey Exchange!!

  • Azuma Makoto

    Azuma Makoto

    A Bonsai tree suspended at the boundary between earth and space, flowers piled high on an arctic ice shelf.. Azuma Makoto’s botanical sculptures have gained worldwide fame for their attention-grabbing arrangements and extreme locations. His latest work was the re-imaginging of a 19th century paludarium, used to create a ecosystem to preserve botanical life. Full…

  • Peak Privilege

    Peak Privilege

    There are just so many things in this single event that are almost inconceivable for a non-white person to get away with. There are things the legal system afforded Kyle that it would rarely extend to others. The response from police and a justice system that not only punishes POC perpetrators more harshly but goes…

  • Jacob May

    Jacob May

    From popping up at jazz jams with his trombone to keeping the rhythm section tight with his bass guitar, multi-instrumentalist Jacob seems to be everywhere at the moment. In between showcasing his impressive array of beats and giving his best blue-steel impression, he gave us an insight into life as a musician… Introduce yourself, who…

  • The Grove

    The Grove

    Starting off in the depths of Fallowfield, Manchester, The Grove are like your typical student band apart from the fact they sound…..great? We sat down with them after a photoshoot for a brief (very brief) and insightful (only thing I learned is that they take themselves very seriously) interview   We are The Grove, a genre-fluid…

  • Grace Esia

    Grace Esia

    Born in Italy to Ghanaian parents, sound engineer Grace Esia is in her words a “Unicorn”. From dreaming of Beyonce to single handedly running the tech at the recent Bottle Factory event, Grace is force of nature who lights up whatever room she’s in. We sat down with her for a coffee to decompress after…

  • Yang Yang

    Yang Yang

    Yang Yang is an illustrator who tells stories of shared cultural memory. Building on the technical foundation of her education in both China and the UK, her works use the space between observation and imagination, to evoke place, event and experience for the audience. To see more of Yang’s work, follow her on Instagram.

  • Lakuna


    Hailing from SE London, Lakuna are a collective of musicians drawing inspirations from soul, jazz and hip-hop, all the while crafting their own unique sound. SUM sat down with lead singer Esme, lead guitarist Ben and Producer/Manger Stan (who also heads the futuristic SouthSpace Label) to hear about their new EP ‘Where We Go’. How…

  • Angus Munk

    Angus Munk

    Angus is from London and currently lives in Dalston, while studying furniture design and making at the BCC. Having finished a design degree at Leeds Met he went from Russia to Japan both of which influenced his inspiration and thinking. Noguchi, Kandinsky, Hepworth and Nakashima are a few of his influences and icons. To see…

  • Tuka


    We sat down with Tuka, a young London-born singer fresh off the release of her new EP ‘Folding’. Born to Iraqi parents with a musical background, Tuka spoke about struggling to find similar faces in the music industry and starting out as a singer whilst navigating a pandemic… My mum used to be a singer….

  • Boilingman


    I am from Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China. I graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, majoring in Visual Communication Information Design. Constantly finding my own interests and self-development are the charms of this border-less learning. So I am an illustrator now. I’m crazy about strange things and have a distinctive style of mystery and…

  • Medical Racism

    Medical Racism

    The historical anatomical othering of Black people has created healthcare services that are ill-equipped to care for Black patients, and yet another area of life where race is inescapable. The “race awakening” brought about by the murder of George Floyd last year and the disparities in the Covid-19 impact between whites and BAME communities has,…

  • Streetlight Dreams

    Streetlight Dreams

    When we have our cameras, both you and me and all of us, we wander and we are constantly searching for the perfect moments to capture. But what photography has taught me and what I love about it most of all is that what is actually the most perfect is in fact the little differences…

  • Deji Ijishakin

    Deji Ijishakin

    The self-styled Philosopher King, Deji is a multi-talented Neuroscientist with interests in the bridge between neuroscience, computing and theoretical physics. Starting on Deji’s interests in his field, our conversation soon turned to theoretical neuroscience and consciousness, all without an old white man in sight… What are you up to at the moment? Right now I’ve…

  • Decolonising Geography

    Decolonising Geography

    To decolonise geography we need to think about the colonial histories that have influenced geography as a discipline. Past colonial and imperialist legacies are rife in modern day society, leaving a range of institutions that need to be addressed. Furthermore, we need to critique the past, present and future of colonial and imperialist legacies that…

  • Sofia Melancia

    Sofia Melancia

    Sofia a Melancia is a Portuguese illustrator, whose work flows from her intuition, portraying themes of the ethereal/dreamscape, relationships and the human experience. She communicates these themes through colourful, vibrant pieces, allowing her to channel her ideas in a gorgeous visual manner. The aim of her work is to connect people to her inner world,…

  • Axel Bah

    Axel Bah

    Currently working as a Data scientist for a company that provides Covid-19 screening services, Axel is a biomedical scientist whose past research includes studies on bacteria involved in cystic fibrosis, and anti-microbial products. After touching on his work, Axel speaks on his experiences in science, imposter syndrome, and the lack of POC representation in the…

  • Vivienne Shao

    Vivienne Shao

    Vivienne Shao is a Chinese illustrator, born in Guangzhou, China, who now mainly lives in London. Vivienne’s work explores common topics, and her perspectives on them derived from her personal experiences. She creates colourful and fun illustrations, often featuring herself as the protagonist, using highly saturated colours and a sense of humour, to provide a…

  • BaggE


    BaggE is an upcoming Neo-Soul artist from North London. Her music features a soothing, raspy voice, with soulful undertones. Her uplifting music stems from messages of self-love. She is truly an artist to watch! We sat down with BaggE for a catch-up and to discuss her music: Joelle: Hey BaggE how’ve you been? What you’ve…

  • Fipsi Seilern

    Fipsi Seilern

    Born in the UK, Fipsi Seilern is a London based artist working across several mediums. She attended the Charles Cecil painting atelier in Florence, and has exhibited in London, Berlin, New York, Vienna, Stockholm and Murcia. Public interventions under the pseudonym PANG have shaped an ongoing dialogue between graffiti and classical painting. “My work harnesses…

  • Arclight.jpg


    Arclight.jpg (Abdulrahman Adesola Yusuf) born 1997 is a digital artist from Lagos, Nigeria. His works are digital collages he creates using photography and Photoshop. His works uses vibrant and contrasting colours to detail his anecdotes and thoughts that focuses on self awareness and growth. The visual expressive form of his works takes inspiration from highly…

  • The Hostile Environment

    The Hostile Environment

    Between the 22nd July and 22nd August 2014, the Home Office, then headed by future Prime Minister Theresa May, launched a campaign to ‘encourage’ immigrants that were deemed illegal to leave Britain. The campaign was titled Operation Vaken and coincided with the passing of the 2014 Immigration Bill. In May’s speech before the passing of…

  • TERK


    Noah sat down with Amira, the ever-creative hands behind up-and-coming upcycling brand TERK. Aiming to tackle the fast-fashion industry using her self-taught sowing skills, Amira gave advice on how to shop consciously while still looking “fresh as fuck !!” N: Tell me about TERK A: TERK is an upcycling brand based on using old clothing…

  • Music / Solaa­riss

    Music / Solaa­riss

    Yo! I’m Solaariss, I’m an artist, producer, saxophonist from South London and I like to make beautiful and viby music. Trained / self taught, music school ? I was classically trained at 11 and part of an orchestra (In Harmony Lambeth) I played cello in the orchestra and sometimes still do. Once I picked up…

  • Art / Roisin Francis

    Art / Roisin Francis

    “My work focuses on light and the ephemeral, observing the movement of sunlight …in order to construct images. This series, ‘Crossing the Water’, was created during a residency on …the Greek island of Rhodes, influenced by the blues of sea and sky covering the island.

  • Art / Tierra Arm­strong

    Art / Tierra Arm­strong

    Miami based artist Tierra Armstrong creates from a place of self-exploration. … Her work aims to explain the relationship we have with ourselves and the world around us … through an array of human emotions

  • POC:STEM / Maia Forde

    POC:STEM / Maia Forde

    “…Our conversation with Maia ranged from entertaining insight into her hatred of maths …, to discussion of factors people of colour are forced to … consider when applying for roles in science …

  • Doccu­ment­ary / Spencer Mac­donald: Scarlet Medusa

    Doccu­ment­ary / Spencer Mac­donald:
    Scarlet Medusa

    At the edge of a coastal tourist town in Japan, an aging scientist works to unlock the biological … secret of immortality held in the life cycle of a tiny jellyfish …. Watch Spencer Macdonald’s short film “Scarlet Medusa” and read below to find out about his filmmaking process …

  • Art / Maya Fuji

    Art / Maya Fuji

    Born in Japan and raised in the Bay Area, Maya Fuji is inspired by both her cultural heritage… as well as the local microcosms of the SF Bay Area …. She is fascinated by themes of traditional Japanese mythology and folklore…

  • Art / Michael Navarro

    Art / Michael Navarro

    “A recurring motif has emerged in his paintings, of animal avatars… These often serve as a reflection of himself within these contexts …r as the ‘relatable’ figure within in a meme. Michael’s work is greatly inspired by his contemporaries…

  • Music / Deec­vnt

    Music / Deec­vnt

    Deecvnt is an up and coming British R&B talent. He makes powerful tracks …, laced with gorgeous light falsettos dynamic vocals and warm …, crisp instrumentals. He has been gradually building up to his first planned large release, dropping gems along the way. We asked a few questions …

  • Art / Max M-K

    Art / Max M-K

    Max is a painter and jeweller from South-East London whose work focuses on myth and … language building, creating a lexicon of symbols that form the … backbone of his practice. Repeating, fracturing and weaving these symbols throughout each piece creates a dialogue …

  • Article / Race In Britain: Private School Experi­ences

    Article / Race In Britain: Private School Experi­ences

    To begin with, I want to start by making it clear why I am writing this piece … and what I am trying to achieve in doing so. Over the past few months …, a bright light has begun to illuminate the various ways in which race …

  • Article / The Fried Chicken Stereo­type

    Article / The Fried Chicken Stereo­type

    Imagine if I were to ask you to compare any dish from your ancestral … homeland, to a similar dish from a nearby region, country, or even city. I am sure that you … you would jump to say with an utmost certainty that the food hailing from your region is superior. Is it because…

  • Art / Àrá­mìdé Gill­ett

    Art / Àrá­mìdé Gill­ett

    Born and raised in South London, Àrámìdé is a second-year textiles student … who makes striking, one-of-a-kind pieces from her home in Lambeth …. Her colourful knitwear has been featured in independent magazines such as Coeval, and in a new music video by Nilüfer Yanya …

  • Interview / Phoebe Lang­ley: From; Jordan

    Interview / Phoebe Lang­ley: From; Jordan

    We sat down with filmmaker Phoebe Langley Gussin on her latest … documentary ‘and Now What? – From, Jordan’. This short piece was commissioned by … Roundhouse Theatre and is a time capsule made for a friend, Jordan, a 21-year-old male from South London at the …

  • Art / Kemi  Olo­yede

    Art / Kemi  Olo­yede

    Kemi Oloyede is a scientist and freelance digital artist. Their work was initially … created during the first UK lockdown in the midst of the COVID pandemic to … uplift and emphasise visibility in the Black LGBTQ+ community, a project which was started off with a Twitter thread on notable Black queer people in …

  • Art / Jules Bleck­man

    Art / Jules Bleck­man

    “The older I get the more I feel lost and confused. As children we are told … we can be anything we want, and we all believe we will be success stories …. We create a narrative that comes to haunt us in our later lives, as most of us cannot hit the heights we…

  • Art / Elif Yil­maz­turk

    Art / Elif

    Elif Yilmazturk is a British artist and illustrator of Irish and Turkish descent …. Since leaving University of the Creative Arts in 2015 … with an Art Foundation, she has gone on grow her portfolio with a fashion PR internship, all the while pursuing a successful modelling career. Her true love however …

  • POC:STEM / Kemi Oloyede

    POC:STEM / Kemi Oloyede

    Our first interview for the POC:STEM project is with analytical chemist and toxicologist …, Kemi Oloyede. Kemi first studied at Coventry and Kings College … London Universities before pursuing their work in research and industry. Since the start of the pandemic, they have also struck out a …