Streetlight Dreams

When we have our cameras, both you and me and all of us, we wander and we are constantly searching for the perfect moments to capture. But what photography has taught me and what I love about it most of all is that what is actually the most perfect is in fact the little differences that are out of order and that can, in themselves, only be described as quite the opposite. Imperfect.

Going against the grain. Defected idiosyncrasies that stand out from an otherwise frantic world that is constantly trying so hard to organize itself. Myself in particular. I am always trying to fix things in my life. But sometimes…sometimes it feels so liberating to just let go.

To forget all the standards and rules and fall into the differences that our cameras seek and that teach us that there is so much beauty in all that cannot be organized, no matter how hard we try. But instead only experienced again and again in an endless amount of combinations depending on the artist and their eye. It is wonderful. Anyone can do it, anytime, anywhere. Anyone can make something beautiful. Anyone can share something meaningful.

Anyone can turn on a light in the smallest corners of their world for us all to see. In this way, in loving what is different and finding the beauty in it I feel an emotion akin to love. And all else aside, it’s the reason I will surely forever enjoy the snap of the shutter and what is saved in time, in each and every photograph I take. Even the mishaps and blurry ugly ducklings of the roll.

They may not grab the most attention. But to the narrator they are a part of the story that cannot be replaced. Imagined if you tore out a page in your favorite book? It just cannot be. I hope, whoever you are, that you keep creating. And that, when the moment finds you, that you let go and fall into it head over heels completely, and search not for what is ‘perfect’, but instead for that of which you love.