• 948


    948 is a creative collective operating at the intersection of culture and creativity, in the 75 years since contemporary Britan “wElcOMed” a wave of migrants. We’re exploring how the changing britsh landscape has affected cultural and creative expression today whilst paying homage to the past, being grounded in the present and building for the future.

  • kxmolo


    Kemi Oloyede (kxmolo) is an interdisciplinary scientist and artist (they/them). They are based in London and are of British-Nigerian descent. Their illustration style can be likened to dynamic comic and manga illustrations, drawing from influences in Black queer culture, Afrofuturism, science fiction, 90s Nollywood references and 90s/2000s anime.

  • Eva Yates

    Eva Yates

    Eva Yates is a surrealist painter mainly working with oils on canvas she is motivated to communicate ideas and feelings informed by the mental health epidemic, by introspection and dwelling on the existential. She explores the subconscious, death, life, sleep and stress, loneliness and companionship; nourished by Contemporary Surrealism and the distortion and angst of…

  • NJ Cre@tes

    NJ Cre@tes

    NJ Omorogieva is a Nigerian-American artist scholar, facilitator, and cultural producer from Los Angeles, California. Her practice uses art and social sciences to spark conversation and action around issues of identity and culture; and gender and sexuality. Using paint and prose, she uncovers themes found in the collective experience of Black womanhood while reflecting on…

  • For Ra

    For Ra

    I started my brand because I couldn’t find jewellery whose colour didn’t change initially and wanted to make stuff for me and my friends that didn’t fade in colour with a focus on making gemstone jewellery be more wearable !!! Then with time i got into crochet and started selling that too! With a focus…



    SANTE is an independent label specialising in handmade beaded accessories ethically produced in Accra, Ghana.