• Marlo Swan

    Marlo Swan

    For multidisciplinary artist/graphic designer Marlo Swan, art and design serve as tools for examining the use of language, both visual and written, and its pivotal role in shaping belief systems. When used effectively, they become essential in influencing collective action in today’s society. You can see more of Marlo’s work here

  • Kofi Perry

    Kofi Perry

    Kofi Perry is an American contemporary painter based in London. Using classical techniques to depict characters from a fictional Afrofuturist world of his own creation, Kofi’s artistic mission is to inspire black and brown youth with a fictional world that relieves them from the complex, exploitative, and dangerous future. You can see more of Kofi’s…

  • Jojos Cuffs

    Jojos Cuffs

    Jojo’s Cuffs are jewelled nose cuffs hand-made by multi-disciplined creative and SUM co-founder Joelle. Spicing up everyday style effortlessly with silver and gold jewellery, Jojo’s handcrafted cuffs need no piercing and can be easily put on and removed.

  • 948


    948 is a creative collective operating at the intersection of culture and creativity, in the 75 years since contemporary Britain “wElcOMed” a wave of migrants. They’re exploring how the changing British landscape has affected cultural and creative expression today whilst paying homage to the past, being grounded in the present and building for the future….

  • Eva Yates

    Eva Yates

    Eva Yates is a surrealist painter who mainly works with oils on canvas she is motivated to communicate ideas and feelings informed by the mental health epidemic, by introspection and dwelling on the existential. She explores the subconscious, death, life, sleep and stress, loneliness and companionship. Through her oil paintings and printed scarves, she archives…

  • NJ Cre@tes

    NJ Cre@tes

    NJ Omorogieva is a Nigerian-American artist, scholar, facilitator, and cultural producer from Los Angeles, California. Her practice uses art and social sciences to spark conversation and action around issues of identity, culture, gender and sexuality.  Using paint and prose, she uncovers themes found in the collective experience of Black womanhood while reflecting on her own…

  • TERK


    T£rk is an upcycling brand based on using old clothing and revamping it into something new. T£rk stands for “To Every Reckless Kid”, so being reckless in your fashion choices, wearing colours that don’t “match” or mix matching patterns while staying eco conscious. Everything is handmade and made with a little sauce. Check out our…

  • For Ra

    For Ra

    The ‘For Ra’ brand started when its founder Meryem  couldn’t find accessible jewellery that didn’t change colour after use, they then began making items for their friends that focused on gemstone jewellery that was durable and didn’t fade.  With time she then developed her crochet skills and started making one-of-a-kind custom clothing as well as…



    SANTE is an independent label specialising in handmade beaded accessories ethically produced by her family members Accra, Ghana. Continuing a tradition that reaches back into the 19th Century, Sante is constantly inspired by her Ghanian heritage.  By promoting her community and the skill and beauty of African craftsmanship, Sante wants to bring the talent of…

  • GUM London

    GUM London

    Founded by Ella Rush and Kiah Bibby, GUM London is a South London based jewellery brand which creates interactive pieces which change colour through heat. Being innovative and playful is at the core of what they do and their exploration of smart materials, packaged within classic yet playful communications, is what makes Gum, Gum. To…

  • kxmolo


    Kemi Oloyede (kxmolo) is an interdisciplinary scientist and artist (they/them). They are based in London and are of British-Nigerian descent. Their illustration style can be likened to dynamic comic and manga illustrations, drawing from influences in Black queer culture, Afrofuturism, science fiction, 90s Nollywood references and 90s/2000s anime. Check out the Kemi’s interview with SUM’s…

  • Sarabi


    Sarabi is a crochet clothing business bringing community and craft together. Her pieces explore everything from the slow fashion revolution to the socio-political challenges that the African diaspora face. She puts sustainability and wearable art at the forefront of each piece and teaches informative crochet workshops to put value back into work. Check out more of…

  • Jules Bleckman

    Jules Bleckman

    Jules’ work has recently consisted of making cartoonish figurative sculptures and prints and rendering them into digital media. He’s been intrigued by what happens to the sculptures when their physicality is lost, essentially what makes them sculptures; losing their essence; the figures feel like they have accidentally walked into a new space where they are…

  • James Farrant

    James Farrant

    My design has evolved in tangent with my photographic and written work, providing me with a wealth of ideas and imagery to explore and develop. Through my work I have explore narratives built from ideas around futurism, starting with the idea that ‘”the future is now”. Utilising past ideas of what the future might be,…