Eva Yates

Eva Yates is a surrealist painter mainly working with oils on canvas she is motivated to communicate ideas and feelings informed by the mental health epidemic, by introspection and dwelling on the existential. She explores the subconscious, death, life, sleep and stress, loneliness and companionship; nourished by Contemporary Surrealism and the distortion and angst of Expressionism. she finds mental health can be worsened by embarrassment to seek help, she wants to bring more awareness of this.

By exposing her compulsions through Eva’s work, hopefully it will help others open up themselves. In her work she will also attempt to record contemporary fashion and trends as a way of documenting the ephemeral times, and especially youth culture. Many of her muses are creatives, and she encourage them as models to choose from their own clothes so any portrait is a negotiation between their and Eva’s impressions of their identities. The works are collaboration and documentary: the models are mostly inspiring musicians and actors and she know’s they will leave their own marks in society, making Eva’s work a record of their lives at that moment of their growth, like in Alice Neel’s work.