• Sanlé Sory

    Sanlé Sory

    Born in the Eersterust, Pretoria in 1940, photographer Ernest Cole gave the world an unprecedented look into the brutal reality of apartheid South Africa. Considered one of the greatest documentary photographers of his time, Cole captured the rarely seen truth of Black existence under the apartheid regime. His reportage would see him banned and exiled…

  • Sapeurs


    An abbreviation which translates to ‘Society of Ambience-Makers and Elegant People’ La Sape is a subculture originating from Kinshasa (DRC) and Brazzaville (Republic of Congo). It’s followers or ‘Sapeurs’ are known for flamboyant clothing and ornamental accessories in a manner similar to their colonial predecessors the ‘dandies’. Once ostracised and campaigned against in the 80s,…

  • Schools Out

    Schools Out

    ‘School’s Out’ is inspired by teenage queer self-discovery and the search for community as a teenager in school.⁠Photographed and interviewed by @nessie.appleton at her old school, this series focuses on a group of current students, who generously shared their experiences of being queer in education, and the journey of finding themselves and their community.⁠⁠This photography series is…

  • Nessie Appleton Smith

    Nessie Appleton Smith

    Nessie Appleton-Smith is a South London based creative who focuses on all things visual. After spending the last few years at university focusing on her videography, Nessie recently took a series of intimate portraits of the Okoli family…. I love personal portraits, up close, really detailed. I’m trying to capture a sense of the person,…

  • Azuma Makoto

    Azuma Makoto

    A Bonsai tree suspended at the boundary between earth and space, flowers piled high on an arctic ice shelf.. Azuma Makoto’s botanical sculptures have gained worldwide fame for their attention-grabbing arrangements and extreme locations. His latest work was the re-imaginging of a 19th century paludarium, used to create a ecosystem to preserve botanical life. Full…

  • Streetlight Dreams

    Streetlight Dreams

    When we have our cameras, both you and me and all of us, we wander and we are constantly searching for the perfect moments to capture. But what photography has taught me and what I love about it most of all is that what is actually the most perfect is in fact the little differences…

  • Art / Roisin Francis

    Art / Roisin Francis

    “My work focuses on light and the ephemeral, observing the movement of sunlight …in order to construct images. This series, ‘Crossing the Water’, was created during a residency on …the Greek island of Rhodes, influenced by the blues of sea and sky covering the island.