‘A Heroine’s Journey’

Earlier this month we visited the Photobook Cafe to check out photographer Lola Li’s first solo exhibition ‘A Heroine’s Journey’. Curated by Jialin Hong and based on the Hollywood narrative ‘Hero’s Journey’, the exhibition re-framed this classic storytelling strategy from a feminine perspective while exploring themes of alternate selves and Chinese tradition. 

Drawing from her multicultural background and eye for human emotion Li navigates the realms of temporality, spatiality, memory, and the innate beauty of the human form, weaving in inspirations from the pre-raphaelite movement and the Chinese ritual of Nuo; an ancient tradition from Southwest China. Structuring the exhibition into three acts, curator Jialin Hong created an immersive experience which explored the different facets of the classic journey, offering a coherent narrative that celebrated the resilience and transformative power of femininity. 

By combining Western and Chinese influences and using models who reflect the diversity of the world we live in, ‘A Heroine’s Journey’  creates a celebration of feminine existence while offering a new interpretation of an age-old story. 

A Heroine’s Journey
Photography by Lola Li
Produced and curated by Jialin Hong
Opening: 7pm-10pm, 25 Jan 2024

Jialin Hong @feverfewjl – Curator
Lola Li @lola.li.photo – Photographer