Music / Solaa­riss

Yo! I’m Solaariss, I’m an artist, producer, saxophonist from South London and I like to make beautiful and viby music.

Trained / self taught, music school ?

I was classically trained at 11 and part of an orchestra (In Harmony Lambeth) I played cello in the orchestra and sometimes still do. Once I picked up tenor saxophone the way I learned music varied, from studying the greats, to jamming other musicians. But naturally, I learned music through the people around me, picking up things from them that inspired me. The South London music scene played a big role in that.

Influences, who do you look up to (old and new)?

Straight up, Labrinth. That guy made me say ‘Yep, this is how I need to be making music.” He’s an unsung great. Others are Pharrell Williams for his diversity and unique sound, and Hanz Zimmer for the beauty he creates in his scores. However I’m really just inspired by my contemporaries, I like to fuse the things I hear around me together to make tunes.

What are you currently working on? Anything in the pipeline ?

Right now I’m running a Road To 10K Challenge, getting people to record a video of them being creative to my latest release ‘Up Until Recently’ and its been really sick! But what I really need to turn my attention to is my next release ‘Must I Surprise You?” It’s really a dark horse of a track. Imagine ‘Up Until Recently” but darker…

How did lockdown affect your work ?

Lockdown was a big U-Turn to be honest. I actually left my job days before the first lockdown was introduced, I thought I had everything lined up, festivals, tours, shows abroad. Come the 1st lockdown, everything cancelled, just like that. So, now, unemployed because of my unlucky timing I used the time to delve more into my music, collaborating, recording from home, and now a year later it’s my full-time job. I think it’s safe to say the lockdown blessed me in different ways.