Mitchell Bradshaw

From what started off as a twist on a monotonous school project, Mitchell Bradshaw Design has grown into a one man home production, all the while staying true to his roots in SE London.⁠ For his earliest project Mitchell came out with a collection of re-designed long rizlas, before dropping the ‘Never Pay’ project, which generated a lot of attention toward the artist and built his reputation for savvy, tongue-in-cheek design.⁠

MBD is not really a Brand, I would just say I’m an artist or designer..and that just happens to be the name of the account..

I try to do things I’m interested in, and it just so happens that a lot of other people are interested too. Rather than thinking, what do teenagers wanna read about? I just think, I’m a teenager, what do I wanna read about?

Tell me about the ‘Never Pay’ Project? 

I asked everyone to give the stations with no barriers, like a community study, together we can figure this out’ ‘…and I believe in it, I think travel should be free, I think it’s a really limiting factor and it should be paid for by the government, but they’re never gonna do that so you gotta figure out how to do it yourself..

Do you have a strict creative process?

I’m bare lazy most of the time..But you can’t really rush having an idea, the best part of the process is getting an idea and thinking I know what I want this to look like, and then just working on it for hours. Sometimes I stress myself out way too much about it, it happen when it happens

I remember in school we did a lesson on photoshop and I just got into it. I feel like when you’re a kid, you have this mad energy, and you’re bored and you don’t really know what to do, but i was luckily into it, so got to spend hours fuckin around and slowly learning it. I also liked the safety of it, but since last summer I got back into drawing

Anyone you’re interested in collaborating with?

I’m not a very good collaborator, but with something like a magazine, while I make it for me as the target audience, the audience is actually bare different man, girls and different races, you know – I am just a white boy making it for a white boy.. So I wanna branch out

I find commission work quite stressful, everyone wants mad deals and stuff. It’s like making a piece of work, and every five minutes having to get an opinion from them, it’s just not really the way I like to work. That’s why I’m not a very collaborative worker, and also why I want to make a separate magazine with a bunch of different editors on it, but also keep my magazine, cos it interests me.

What do you want to do as MBD grows bigger, assuming you don’t want to stop?

I’m gonna launch a publishing company or something where I can help publish people’s books or help design them. And when I launch I’m gonna bring back some of the old things; the longs, the posters. It’s gonna be called Never Pay Press