• Yang Yang

    Yang Yang

    Yang Yang is an illustrator who tells stories of shared cultural memory. Building on the technical foundation of her education in both China and the UK, her works use the space between observation and imagination, to evoke place, event and experience for the audience. To see more of Yang’s work, follow her on Instagram.

  • Angus Munk

    Angus Munk

    Angus is from London and currently lives in Dalston, while studying furniture design and making at the BCC. Having finished a design degree at Leeds Met he went from Russia to Japan both of which influenced his inspiration and thinking. Noguchi, Kandinsky, Hepworth and Nakashima are a few of his influences and icons. To see…

  • Boilingman


    I am from Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China. I graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, majoring in Visual Communication Information Design. Constantly finding my own interests and self-development are the charms of this border-less learning. So I am an illustrator now. I’m crazy about strange things and have a distinctive style of mystery and…

  • Sofia Melancia

    Sofia Melancia

    Sofia a Melancia is a Portuguese illustrator, whose work flows from her intuition, portraying themes of the ethereal/dreamscape, relationships and the human experience. She communicates these themes through colourful, vibrant pieces, allowing her to channel her ideas in a gorgeous visual manner. The aim of her work is to connect people to her inner world,…

  • Vivienne Shao

    Vivienne Shao

    Vivienne Shao is a Chinese illustrator, born in Guangzhou, China, who now mainly lives in London. Vivienne’s work explores common topics, and her perspectives on them derived from her personal experiences. She creates colourful and fun illustrations, often featuring herself as the protagonist, using highly saturated colours and a sense of humour, to provide a…