‘Its not all about the names, its about the work, the talent, the feeling… It’s always fun, new and innovative – It opens my mind and lets people understand the true essence of music, how it works and how it feels. Its natural, its pure.’

Every Monday evening a community of musicians get together to share the spirit and love of music. I visited for the first time last month and was completely in awe of the sheer collaboration and seamlessness of it all.

@richybomaye was the jam host on the evening, he joined the band in August when he came to the @colourfactorylondon alongside a friend. When it used to be a smaller session, just on a balcony.

He performed that same day, ‘it was the first time I really got to understand and appreciate live music… Seeing musicians and rappers come together and make something so raw and soulful’.

The word ‘Ori’, meaning ‘soul’ in Yoruba , refers not so much to the genre of soul, but instead the essence of putting ones soul into the music.

Orii Jam allows people to break down the boundaries that hold fear around self-expression and performance, and collide musically. The energy on stage and in the crowd is hugely friendly.. supported by the host’s natural energy and drive.

All are welcome to indulge in the Sessions from 8-12, every Monday at the Colour Factory. £7 on the door…