The Grove

Starting off in the depths of Fallowfield, Manchester, The Grove are like your typical student band apart from the fact they sound…..great? We sat down with them after a photoshoot for a brief (very brief) and insightful (only thing I learned is that they take themselves very seriously) interview  

We are The Grove, a genre-fluid collective who just rock out and have a good time….. get bare bread (hopefully). But yeah we obviously take ourselves quite seriously, don’t you forget that.

How did The Grove Start? 

So we originally started in Manchester Uni; Sheffield, Joe F, Joel, Robert. Just jamming, having a good time… VIBESEY.

Then our best buddy Pete who we’ve known for time came through and joined the ranks. We’ve collected a load of other rugrats and stragglers along the way.

Goals and Aspirations?

We want to be the biggest band in the world, play at Wembley, then Hoots, then Amersham and I think we’ll be good. We’re also planning on bringing Baroque back in the mainstream. Really and truly though we’re just trying to rehearse without having two thirds of the band going on holiday

Jamming or Writing? 

Joel: Jamming 

Pete: I like to write music

Robbie: Jamming but then using the ideas to write something 

Sheffield: I hate all of it 

Whats the best gig you’ve done so far? 

Troubadour was definitely the best. It was the biggest, the most people. We got the most love and people were gassing us up. Got loads of money from it too, not enough though!

5 Things you want to do in the next year?

Do a Festival, Record a studio album, Hone our sound, Sail away with a boatload of cash, Excel as artists.


Joe: Mhmmmm, Joel: Yas, Robbie: Uhhhhhh, Sheffield: Ya