Art / Max M-K

Max is a painter and jeweller from South-East London whose work focuses on myth and language building, creating a lexicon of symbols that form the backbone of his practice. Repeating, fracturing and weaving these symbols throughout each piece creates a dialogue across the mediums in which he works, whether it be paint, print or metal. Stylistically his work draws from pictographic writing systems, magical realism and medieval manuscript making, favouring bold brushstrokes to delineate objects, almost like glyphs. He often depicts the crux of a moment, suspended in endless neutral space.

Context is taken away, allowing the viewer to decode the image without the white noise of its surroundings. Each work is a self-contained puzzle, yet often references other pieces, establishing recurring archetypes that may help the viewer in understanding the seemingly nonsensical occurrences. His work forces the viewer to formulate their own narrative, based on their personal associations, or recognition of familiar symbols. This leads to a speculative engagement where the meaning adapts to the viewers digestion of the information. In this way it mirrors spoken language and each piece speaks its own sentence.