Next up for our SUMsessions is Holden; An artist born in Cheshire, now based in London, seamlessly blends spoken word, hip-hop, and folk to create captivating narratives. Debuting with “My Friend,” their music defies genres, weaving urban lyricism with rustic melodies. This artist’s unique fusion promises an exciting exploration of sound and storytelling.

For the next few sessions we’ve have teamed up with the amazing live music promotion Indigo Blue, a collective which gives independent artists the platform they deserve. We’re also hosting an all-night event at the famous Moth Club featuring the artists recorded at the sessions (deets below), make sure to cop a ticket! 

Flowers by the amazing Tessa Shaw @bigboyblooms 

A huge thanks to Fabrix for hosting us at the amazing Bottle Factory, and to Studio 101 for the lighting. 

1. My friend
2. Circles
3. 2 Hand

Joel Dunning – Guitar
Reg White – Bass
Dillon Harrison – Drums 
Yasmin Faraj – Backing vocals 
Tom Pardoe-Matthews – Tenor Saxophone

Follow Holden on Instagram @holdensdomain

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Production Team
Noah Chulu Chinn – Creative Director and Producer
Luca Cruz Cahn – Director of Photography and Lighting 
Theo Ahimana – Camera Operator 
Tessa Shaw – Floral Design 
Bobby Ashiwaju – Recording Sound Engineer and Assistant Producer
Grace Esia – Live Sound Engineer and Production Assistant 
Nosa Joane (NJ) Omorogieva – Music A&R and Production Assistant 
Joelle Robinson – BTS Videography and Social Media Lead
James Farrant – Graphic Design
Jules Bleckman – Production Assistant 
Jack Haughey – Production Assistant 
Cerys Eliza – Production Assistant