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Announcing the SUMmarket!

After years of working with creatives through events, exhibitions, workshops and more, we’re now launching a new online marketplace! 

Our aim as a collective has always been to promote the voices of artists and academics alike, but with the cost-of-living crisis, inflation and cuts to the arts it is harder than ever to be a creative today.

We want to continue championing London’s culture while helping makers grow and artists get a passive income stream, profiling our favourite creators and providing a platform to make their work more accessible to people who want to help small businesses blossom.

Our Meet the Creators photoshoot brought together our original vendors under one roof, providing an opportunity for them to socialise and swap ideas while being profiled by our talented photographer. The aim of SUMmarket is to create a community, not a business, and foster creativity in London while staying true to our values as a collective. 

As well as providing a platform for independent vendors to sell their wares, we’ve also worked with artists to develop prints of their work – making their art accessible to their peers in an effort to unlock their financial potential and support their practice. 

As we believe in transparency when it comes to our platform we’d like to break down exactly how this works; We take a commission of a purchase on the SUMmarket to cover the costs of web development, marketing, photoshoots and operations. Any residual profits would go back into developing SUM – hosting events, exhibitions and more; anything that gives a voice to the underrepresented and overlooked.

SUMweekly has so far been run from our own pockets, any money made on top of operational/marketplace costs would be funnelled directly into making SUM a cultural touchstone which aids young creatives and academics alike! 

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